Why are Conservatories Becoming More Popular?

Why are Conservatories Becoming More Popular?

What is a Conservatory? A conservatory is a type of architectural structure, typically made of glass and aluminium or other light-weight materials, that is attached to the main house. It is designed to provide additional living space and to bring the outdoors inside...

Casement windows – choosing the right ones

Casement windows were the go-to windows before the sash window (internal link) was introduced. They’ve been around since at least the 13th century according to historians. The key element of a casement window is the hingeing system being attached to a frame (or case)...

Replacing Sash windows

Sash windows have been around since at least the 1600s (inventor unknown) but didn’t become popular and widespread until Georgian times. They continued to flourishthrough Victorian and Edwardian times and remain strong period features in properties from these eras....
Hardwood Conservatories

Hardwood Conservatories

Hardwood Conservatories Conservatories can be much more integral to the overall aesthetic of a property, rather than a bolt-on, by opting for a more sympathetic hardwood structure. Our OakTree joinery hardwood garden rooms or conservatories add both character and...

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