1. Orders are accepted by Oaktree Joinery subject to a receipt of satisfactory survey from the Company’s Surveyor.

2. Delivery forecasts are quoted in good faith and in accordance with the situation at the date of order. They are not guaranteed, but we will make every effort to complete as forecast.

3. The company will take care of the Purchaser’s property when carrying out the work, but does not accept liability for redecoration. The agreement price does not include for the repair of any structural defects (dead plasterwork, brickwork, lintels, broken damp course, etc) unless such work is specified in the schedule of work overleaf. Any such work found to be necessary, will be paid for additionally by the purchaser on completion.

4. The company will rectify any fault or faults developing due to defective materials or construction within a guarantee period but an hourly service call rate for labour only would apply but any parts would be provided by the supplier providing they were still effectively in business(please see guarantee conditions) .

5. The purchaser agrees to permit access to the company, its servants and workmen to the installation address at all reasonable times in order that the company may carry out the work shown overleaf. If within 28 days of being advised that the company is ready to install, the purchaser has not agreed an installation date, then the installation charge becomes due and payable.

6. The company’s products can be expected to reduce condensation but humid conditions may persist and no guarantee against the reduction of condensation is implied or given.

7. Any samples shown or seen demonstrate the design and workmanship of our products. The company is engaged in continuous design development and reserves the right to supply a modified specification with the customer’s agreement.

8. No work other than specified in the agreement will be carried out and this contract contains all the terms and conditions agreed by both parties. Please check that the face side of agreement covers your requirements.

9. Upon signing by both parties and subject to 1 of these conditions, the order becomes a legally binding agreement.

10. In the event of a cancellation of the agreement being requested by the customer, the following charges will be made:

i. If manufacture of goods ordered has started, a pro-rota charge will be made, or a 10% administration and survey charge will be deducted off your contract total value from your deposit given if you cancel prior to goods being manufactured.

ii. If manufacture of goods ordered is completed, the company will charge the full price of such goods and delivery when paid for less installation cost.

11. VAT is calculated on the agreement at the rate in force at time of order. In the event of change in VAT rate, the company will amend the rate to that which applies on the date of supply and/or installation and alter the balance due accordingly.

12. Where the customer is to obtain a Private Loan, i.e. Building society further advance or Bank Loan etc, the customer shall make his own agreements for the balance to be paid on the due date, i.e. completion of installation. Failure to comply with payment of the balance on the due date wi-11 invalidate the guarantee and entitle the company to charge interest on the balance outstanding at the rate of 4% interest above Bank Base Rate. Full payment is due on completion of works/supply. Normally, cheques should be given to our drivers (for supply only C.O.D) or our fitters (fitted work). Other reasonable terms may be accepted subject to prior agreement.

13. On installed products, a small amount of cover strips and finishing trims are included in our price and these are at our option.


14.Cancellation by Customer (Cooling off Period)


A.  The customer may cancel the Order without penalty during the cooling off period which shall run for seven days from midnight on the day on which the order was made by the customer

B.  Any cancellations must be given by written notice by either party.

C.  If you wish to waiver your rights to this 7 day cancellation period because  your contract is urgent or for insurance purposes then a written disclaimer must be received from you which we would supply on request

15. Complaints Procedure- We ask that all complaints are backed up in writing in letter form or email within 7 days of notification. We will then email you back a formal reply within 7 days indicating what we will do to resolve your complaint further. We strongly suggest you support any claim with photographic evidence. Once we have resolved an issue you have had, we then do an internal investigation and put procedures in place to reduce or eliminate this happening again.

16. Ownership of goods passed to customer only on payment in full on completion.


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