Sigenia Life & Slide Patio Doors

Sigenia Sliding Door

  • Easy operation that enables doors to safely glide and slide with the push of a finger
  • Individual door weights at 400kg mean that this system can accommodate combined opening
    doors of up to 12 metres and combined fixed and opening doors of up to 19 metres with very wide single door widths for a wide clear vision
  • 10 different schemes/designs to choose from
  • A choice of 5 different handle types to compliment your timber or colour choice (some may have a surcharge if out of our standard range)
  • Lockable from inside and out or just inside or just outside
  • Wheelchair access
  • Lockable ventilation door gap
  • Full factory finish with unlimited colour and stain choice (Additional costs may apply if out of our standard range)
  • Double glazing with min C-rating or receive a free upgrade to A-rating for a Facebook like and review

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