Timber Windows in Tiverton Exeter





This was the second time that we have used Oaktree after having the upstairs completed. I have to say that the quality of the windows downstairs are excellent and match exactly what we had in mind for a 400 year old cottage. This was important to us due to the larger nature of the windows compared to last time. The new stairs and balustrades are a great replacement for the last very unstable ones and we are again very pleased with the colour match – which wasn’t easy considering the distance between us. Stuart and the two lads were efficient, friendly and I have to say completed the work in a much faster time than I was envisaging – even taking into the account that we had to watch the football too! So, all in all another satisfied punter! If you are still willing to travel to Devon – we will continue to recommend you. I wish you continued success with your business and thank you again for your service to us. Kind regards,

- Nigel Taylor

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