French Windows or Sliding Doors?

You may have decided you want to install new or replace existing floor to ceiling doors or windows and can’t decide whether to opt for hardwood French windows or hardwood sliding doors. We can help you with that. In the UK we tend to use the terms French windows, French doors and patio doors interchangeably but in reality, they are quite different.

French doors

Here at OakTree joinery, we offer high-quality French doors with a high specification making a welcome addition to any style of home. They are available with single or double glazing and come with 24mm toughened Pilkington K Argon filled glass. They have a high-security Hurricane 5 point locking system. Our French doors have excellent draught-proofing, soundproofing and waterproofing. They are fully adjustable and easy to use. We offer a choice of handles to suit any style of property and a range of timbers and timber finishes.

Sliding doors

Here at OakTree Joinery we offer ten different designs for sliding doors as well as five different handle types to complement your timber or colour choice. Our sliding doors are very easy to operate with a system that enables the doors to safely glide and slide with the push of a finger. Each individual door weighs 400kg which means that the system can accommodate a combined opening of up to 12 metres and a combination of fixed and opening doors of up to 19 metres. From a security perspective, they are lockable from the inside and out or just inside or just outside. Our sliding doors are a perfect choice for those needing wheelchair access.

Craftsmanship and quality

Whichever style of doors you opt for you will be getting the high-quality craftsmanship and high quality you can expect from OakTree joinery. Let the light in with a call to OakTree Joinery today for timeless, elegant and practical hardwood floor to ceiling doors.

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