Why opt for a wooden garden room?

A great, cost-effective way to extend your home and add value is to add a garden room. Without the need for extending, adding a garden room can be the perfect solution to create a more liveable space at home.

Using your garden room

The way you plan and decide on particularities will no doubt depend on what the garden room is going to be used for. Is it going to be used for:

  • A home office, home gym or a children’s play area?
  • Will you use it only in the summer for outdoor dining?
  • Will the room be a craft room or a workshop?
  • Will it be a multifunctional space that will work all year round?

This decision will help you decide how sturdily built and well insulated it needs to be and whether you will need Wi-Fi, electrics and heating and lighting.

The cost of a garden room

The price of garden rooms depends on the size of the room and whether it is modular or bespoke. The quality of materials used, number of windows and doors, the level of insulation required and the interior and exterior finishes all play a part on the final price you will have to pay.

Choosing the right place

Where you decide to place your new garden room will depend on the space you have and the size you need. You can choose to place your garden room at the bottom of the garden as a tranquil space or position it close to your home to provide easy access. Always make sure that you consider using natural light and check that the spot isn’t overlooked so you have complete privacy.

Planning permission for a garden room

As most garden rooms come under permitted development, they don’t need planning permission. However, there are various limits that need to be maintained such as:

  • They must not be used as a home.
  • They need to be single storey (maximum eaves height of 2.5m, a maximum overall height of 4m) with a dual pitched roof or 3m for any other roof.
  • They must take up no more than half the area of land around the original house.
  • They shouldn’t include raised platforms, verandas or balconies.

Garden room maintenance

Your garden room shouldn’t take any more maintenance than your home. However, every two to three years, a fresh coat of preservation on the cladding or paint on the woodwork can be given. Also, when designing your garden room, allow for the movement of air beneath, this will prevent build-up of damp that can lead to rot and decay.

There are many reasons that a garden room is a great choice, regardless of what the room is used for. Whether you want a dedicated work environment or just a space to relax in, why not get in touch with the team here at Oaktree Joinery to get a bespoke, value for money quote for a beautiful garden build?

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