What shaped conservatory is best for your home?

Conservatories are a great way to improve the quality of life you have while at home, as well as adding value to your property. A conservatory can provide you with more square footage, natural light and a brilliant connection between indoors and out. There are many reasons for wanting to install a conservatory from a growing family needing more space to someone who just wants to enjoy the garden space even when it’s raining! Whatever your reasons may be, a high-quality installation is a worthwhile investment.

What style of conservatory suits you best?

There are a range of conservatories to choose in terms of shapes, sizes and configurations. Choosing the perfect style for your home will be dependent on a number of factors such as how you plan to use your conservatory, the age and style of your home and your budget. Here are six of the most popular types of conservatories to choose from.


If you have a traditional property then an Edwardian conservatory would suit this style perfectly. This style conservatory offers optimum floor space which would allow room for larger furniture such as a dining table and chair set. The pitch and direction of the roof can be altered to fit any type of property, along with the colour of the frame.


This style of conservatory can be expensive but is worth the price. They usually feature a wide bay façade, an intricate ridge and a steep roof and mostly consist of two styles, The first style is made up of three feature windows with an angled façade; the second with of 5 large windows with a more rounded design.


Lean-to conservatories are considered very modern due to their simple, practical and versatile design and clean lines. A lean-to can be customised in a variety of ways including its roof, size, windows and doors. This type of conservatory is the perfect style for using as a mini greenhouse for growing plants or simply giving you room for sitting and enjoying the sun!


The most versatile conservatories have to be the P-shaped conservatories. They create a lot of space while retaining neat and tidy proportions. They are extremely practical, combining the two popular designs of Victorian and Lean –to together. A p-shaped conservatory can fit seamlessly into your space as it can be created either left or right-handed – the choice is yours.


This style conservatory is halfway between a conservatory and an extension. An orangery is a more substantial structure than a traditional conservatory, usually with some brickwork. They usually include brick pillars or support in the corners. They have a semi solid roof with a glass lantern in the centre, or you could even opt for a fully tiled roof.


If you have a detached house with a large garden then the T-shape conservatory would be ideal as the part of the conservatory that extends away from the house tends to eat into the garden. A T-shaped conservatory is very versatile, allowing you to create two distinct living spaces within one room. Many people choose to use the large section as a dining room and the smaller section as a garden room or a play area. This style would usually extend across most of the width of your home.

Whatever shape you’re considering for your conservatory, getting a quality build is vital in ensuring you can enjoy your conservatory for years to come. Here at Oaktree Joinery, we’d be delighted to talk to you about what style of conservatory would work best for you, to make sure you benefit from all that this extra space has to offer.

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