The Benefits of Wood Finish for Your Garden Room or Conservatory

A garden room or conservatory can be a wise investment. Not only could it add extra room in your home, it can add value to your home when you come to sell. However, the style and finish has to look right. In addition to this, when everyone is concerned about sustainability and the environmental impact of everything we do, making the right choice of material for your garden room or conservatory is crucial.

UPVC vs. Wood Finish

UPVC was, for many years, the first choice for those wanting to enhance their home with a conservatory for many reasons including strength, popularity and because it was relatively low cost. However, we are now discovering there are downsides to using uPVC. These include the facts that the material itself can eventually become brittle and prone to cracking and it can discolour quite severely requiring certain chemicals to clean it to bring it up to scratch. The main drawback of uPVC lies in the production process, which gives off large amounts of carbon emissions and is as far from being environmentally-friendly as it’s possible to be.

When you opt for a conservatory or garden room made from beautiful and sustainable timber the benefits for the consumer and the environment are obvious. Sustainable timber comes from carefully managed forests using trees which can be quickly replaced and grown to enable them to perform one of their most essential duties – that of capturing CO2 from the atmosphere.

The Benefits to You of Sustainable Wood

The production of wood for use in the conservatory building industry uses far less energy than other materials such as uPVC, concrete, plastic or metal so that your personal carbon footprint is considerably reduced. Not only that but wood has superior insulating properties which means that your conservatory or garden room can be kept warm through the colder winter months and cool during the summer months. So whilst adding the comfort factor it can also help to lower your energy bills, a definite plus in these times of soaring fuel costs.

Beauty And Durability

Wood is classically timeless in its beauty and with lots of choice in colour and stain a wood conservatory or garden room can look as contemporary or traditional as you want. The timber used to design and make your bespoke garden room or conservatory is extremely strong and able to withstand all that the British climate can throw at it and providing that you take care to maintain it, will stay looking good for many years. All that is needed is a regular basic clean and every few years a refresh of the paint or stain to keep it pristine.

Add Value to Your Home

A garden room or conservatory with a beautiful wood finish and made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timber is something which will enhance the appearance of your home for many years and add value, all while providing the satisfaction of knowing you have made the right choice for the environment. This makes it an investment well worth considering. 

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