The benefits of choosing timber windows and doors for your property instead of uPVC

In recent years uPVC has seen a considerable surge in popularity when it comes to windows and door treatment. Many consumers see it as the cheaper and more durable option on the market, but sometimes cheaper, unfortunately, isn’t the best and it is worth investing that little bit extra. However, don’t just take our word for this, we have set out some information on both UPVC and timber windows and doors so that you can make the best decision for your property.


Often the main reason that people look to replace their windows and doors is energy efficiency, and with so many people becoming more ecologically aware it makes sense to consider those areas of the home where cold air might get in. Ensuring that your windows and doors are in good condition and fit perfectly is very important in this respect. While there is no denying the advantages of double-glazed panels, it is worth thinking about your frames as well. Regardless of what type of glass you choose to use, wood is an excellent product that offers natural insulation. This makes it a choice that is well worth considering.


What makes UPVC windows and doors cheaper is the fact that they are typically mass-produced. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does mean that there are some limitations when it comes to selecting something that is in keeping with the style of your home. Timber window frames and doors can be custom made to your exact requirements and the style of your home. They are a bespoke product that means you can get precisely the product you are looking for. It also means, in terms of aesthetics, that you can even replace the original designs of your home if you have an older property. Timber offers you something that uPVC cannot replicate when it comes to a period property, and, of course, it is worth considering that there are a variety of colours and finishes available.


It might surprise you to know that timber with a factory finish can last longer than uPVC. However, you do need to put a little effort into ensuring that it remains in good condition a wipe down and a refresh when necessary should be all that is required. Every 8-10 years it is worth having a full repaint done to keep everything looking fresh and cared for. While there is no need to repaint uPVC, over time you will notice that it begins to lose that lovely white finish that attracted you to it in the first place and it may become somewhat discoloured. If you need to make any repairs to your frames, it is easier to do this if they are made of wood.


As we already mentioned timber frames do come at a price, but when you weigh up the benefits of selecting timber over uPVC, it is easy to see that over time the extra money that you invest in timber window frames should pay for itself. All you need to do is ensure that you care for them properly.

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